Surmanti Cane Sugar Hand and Body Exfoliant

Surmanti Cane Sugar Hand and Body Exfoliant


Brighten up tired dry hands with a one minute manicure!

Instant visible results in a synergistic blend of raw cane sugar (contains Natures own AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and antioxidant rich Organic Oils.


Experience Natures own ORGANIC exfoliation.

A mask and exfoliant - Packed full of naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids for incredible results within minutes.

Contains: Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHS's) naturally occurring in cane sugar apples and sour milk. Glycolic Acid - Another natural acid and type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that breaks down and exfoliates dead skin cells. Lactic Acid - (found in milk and yoghurt) another type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that dissolves superficial skin cells whilst hydrating and smoothing flaky dry skin.

This unique blend of mask and exfoliant rejuvenates dry tired aging skin instantly. It improves skins ability to hold moisture leaving instantly visible soft smooth fresh glowing skin.

So to get your glow on and refresh your skin make regular exfoliation part of your bathing ritual.

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